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Tuesday Oct 06 2020
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Watch: Japanese influencers get to use the PS5 for the first time

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Sony is keeping a tight lid on its upcoming PlayStation 5 (PS5); however, some influencers and publications in Japan have gotten access to the device and already published a first look of the console in action.

According to BGR, videos posted by Japanese influencers and publications shared glimpses of the PS5 while they played games on the console, with Famitsu uploading a short video on Sunday showing the DualSense controller and the PS5 tower in use.

However, the most noticeable thing coming out of the reviews is a mysterious nut or bolt hidden near the top of the console close to where the PS5’s white case meets the black tower.

BGR believes that the bolt may allow PS5 users to include additional SSD storage that has been promised by Sony. The publication said that Sony has said that PS5 will be able to expand the SSD storage of the console, but has not yet explained how users will be able to make use of that feature.

A zoomed in image of the mysterious bolt on the PS5. Photo: 4Gamer via BGR

Last month, Sony had announced that its much anticipated PlayStation 5 will be rolled out in November, taking on a new offering by console rival Microsoft's Xbox.

A streamed event showcasing games tailored for PS5 ended with the word that two versions of the console would be released on November 12 in Australia, North America, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, and South Korea, then in the rest of the world a week later.

The premium PS5 will be priced at $499, while a "digital edition" designed for the trend of games being downloaded from the cloud will be priced at $399, according to the presentation.

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"With PlayStation 5, we are making a significant leap to deliver a truly new generation of transformative play experiences that will redefine expectations for what games can be," Sony Interactive Entertainment chief Jim Ryan said when the console was first revealed.

Sony has shown off titles being readied for PS5 and provided a glimpse at the console – a dark tower with white sides that encase it like a partially open clamshell.

A "full" model PS5 has a slot for a game or video disks, while the digital model does not since titles can be downloaded via the internet or played in the cloud.