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Saturday Oct 17 2020
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NASA finally responds to Pakistani fourth graders regarding space travel

Web Desk
NASA on Saturday finally responded to the queries asked by the students days after the students were over the moon as they received answers for their space-related queries. Photo:

The United States' National Aeronautics and Space Association (NASA) early Saturday finally responded to the curious Pakistani fourth graders who had asked them a series of questions regarding space travel.

On Wednesday, a teacher from a local school in Karachi had asked students to tell her the questions they wanted NASA to answer.

In a bid to get NASA to respond to the students, the teacher had chosen Twitter to get in touch with astronauts and urged netizens to help get its attention.

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NASA thanked students Alisha, Minahil, Haniyah, Mahrukh, Anabiya, and Rayyan for reaching out.

“We hope the stars align, so we can see you one day,” NASA said. Meanwhile, it added, the students can join them for a virtual tour.

“Stay curious and keep reaching for the stars. We believe in you!” NASA told the inquisitive students.

Career paths to join NASA

Fourth-grader Minahil had asked NASA about the career paths she can choose so that one day she can join the agency.

On Friday, NASA’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Engagement programme replied saying “there are a variety of careers” that curious student can explore.

“STEM fields are a great starting point!” said NASA. It also gave a link to career paths within NASA. 

“Sharpen those STEM skills and you are on your way to launching an amazing career!” the handle advised .

‘The most fascinating discovery’

Fourth-grader Anabiya had asked NASA what was the “most fascinating thing” the agency had discovered.

To this, the 'International Space Station Research' Twitter account informed the student that they had “discovered many things in the 20 years humans have been working on the Space Station!”

“From how our bodies change in space to the creation of new potential medicines, we've learned a lot,” said the ISS Research. It also shared that students like her “are even conducting some of that science!”

Fuel in spaceships

Anabiya’s fellow fourth-grader, Alisha had asked NASA what fuel it uses in spaceships.

“Hi Alisha! A spaceship, or 'launch vehicle' is rocket-propelled & used to carry a spacecraft or humans to space. They may look similar, but no two are alike as they are very complex!” explained NASA’s Launch Services Programme.

Alisha was informed that “rockets are powered by burning solid, liquid or gas rocket fuel”.

NASA thanks teacher

NASA also thanked the teacher for inspiring the “next generation of critical thinkers, fearless explorers and star sailors!”

The teacher, in response, promised that she will send at least one of her students to NASA “one day”.

Earlier this week, the group of fourth-graders had been over the moon when real-life astronauts and space scientists from around the world replied to their curious questions.

Eventually, the struggle bore fruit and several scientists and astronauts answered the space-related queries of the fourth graders.