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Sunday Oct 18 2020
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FIA discovers international network running 'porn app' from Karachi

Web Desk
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KARACHI: The FIA said on Saturday that it has discovered an international gang operating a "porn app" from Karachi, arresting one suspect and registering a case against the female owner and her partners, reported The News.

According to a spokesperson for the FIA, the app was brought to their attention after one of its female workers complained to the agency about it, following which one of the suspects, Fazal Qadir, was arrested while the agency was also on the hunt for the app's owner, Ramsha, and another female who was functioning as the third partner.

The woman who used to work for the group had complained that Qadir used to work for an app, Streamkar, that offered jobs to women. After she applied for the job, he forced her to do pornographic acts and started harassing her as well.

The complainant said in her FIR statement that the app owners had engaged many girls for pornographic acts.

The FIA spokesperson said that during the course of inquiry, it was revealed that the app was owned by a female, Ramsha. Qadir was her partner who published job advertisements in different newspapers to hire female workers.

The advertisement read that females were required for a part-time online marketing job in which they could work from home to earn between 15,000 and 40,000 rupees.

Disclosing more details about the network, the FIA said that Ramsha, Qaidr and her other partner were managing a team comprising 35 employees across Pakistan.

According to the FIA Cyber Crime Wing, the group used the mobile app to connect their female workers with international clients. These women were then paid in 'diamond' ( a form of virtual currency) for sexually explicit video calls with their clients.

The more diamonds a woman received, the more she would be paid by the network, disclosed the FIA. Some of the women were paid Rs7,000 after they collected 400,000 diamonds.