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Monday Oct 19 2020
Web Desk

Donald Trump's dance moves inspire TikTok videos by supporters

Web Desk
A TikTok user on the right copies US President Donald Trump's "awkward" dance moves. Photo: Screengrab from Twitter

US President Donald Trump recently shook a leg at one of his YMCA rallies, inspiring thousands of others — especially his supporters — to do the same on the Chinese-owned mobile app TikTok.

The new song on which users can be seen shaking a leg to is a mix of Viva La Vida by Coldplay and Swing by Savage, and is being referred to as "Viva La Swing".

Here is a video of the US president breaking into one of his awkward dances at a rally.

The American president's quirky dance moves have inspired a new trend as his supporters are now shaking their hips to the song in TikTok videos as well.

In the videos, the person filming one dancing moves around to get the shot from various angles. Some of the videos have been recorded in parking lots.

One of the videos posted by a TikTok user was retweeted with a comment by the US president's daughter Ivanka Trump, who said that she loved moves.