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Wednesday Oct 28 2020
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‘Prince Harry should stop lecturing from his mansion and return’: royal critics

Web Desk

As Prince Harry recently wreaked havoc over his latest speech, many are demanding that he return to his homeland and stop ‘lecturing’ them.

The Duke of Sussex’s conversation with Black Lives Matter activist Patrick Hutchinson ignited fury amongst royal fans after he urged UK to ‘take a long, hard look’ at itself.

Commentators Anne Diamond and Dawn Neesom gave their take on Harry’s speech and claimed that if the duke really wished to make efforts for the black community then he should do so by returning to UK.

"He can't help being a bit upper-class. He is the Royal Family,” commented Diamond.

Neesom joined in, saying: "BLM hero Patrick Hutchinson really puts his money where his mouth is to save that white lad when the BLM marches were going on by carrying him over his shoulder.”

"Now, if Harry wants to make a difference to the black community in this country, he needs to get back over here, work on the ground and set an example to young, black lads who are genuinely suffering not lecture from a million-pound mansion,” he added.

However, the two were also defended by co-panelist Kate Quilton who asked Diamond and Neesom to not “bash” Harry.

"They are doing some good in the world, come on! Let's not just bash Harry and Meghan. They are doing some good!" she chimed in.