Thursday Nov 05 2020
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Trump is more dangerous than Hitler, says a forensic psychiatrist

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US President Donald Trump gestures during a press conference. Photo: AFP

A forensic psychiatric is of the view that US President Donald Trump is even more dangerous than Adolf Hitler. 

The psychiatrist said that President Trump has demanded that vote counts be halted to preserve his false claims of victory, and she explained that is exactly why Trump’s authoritarian threat is so gravely dangerous.

“The fact that he had the audacity to declare victory in a situation of not even having the electoral college forebodes the level of distortion and potential violence we are to see (he is like an emotional seismograph, constantly calibrating to what he can get away with),” tweeted Lee, the forensic psychiatrist.

She explained that the president’s pathologies had spread among his followers, who simply do not care how badly Trump fails in his leadership.

“This is why I have advocated that ALL relevant institutions consult with mental health experts (we do not have what he has but the next best thing: specialized knowledge of persons with his ‘ability’/pathology),” Lee tweeted. “It is also why the media’s continued failure was an ominous sign.”

She believes American political society was even weaker than the system Hitler corrupted with Nazi fascism.

“My ‘At least Hitler’ comment really meant this: Hitler may have been more vicious and evil, but he lived in a sophisticated society where he had actually to do work,” Lee tweeted. “Donald Trump can get away with disdaining and maltreating—killing—his followers, and ‘not lose any votes.'”

“We need to be sober about the dangers this entails: his followership is more irrational, and the spread of pathology more difficult to counter,” she added. “He is counting on this to stay in power, despite losing the election.”