Thursday Nov 05 2020
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16-year-old UK teen commits suicide after suffering from anxiety due to coronavirus lockdown

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Corey Liversedge, 16, from Cushnie, Aberdeenshire, took his own life after suffering anxiety in lockdown. Photo Courtesy: Daily Mail/Just Giving

After suffering from lockdown triggered anxiety, a 16-year-old boy committed suicide in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and his parents have urged other parents to ensure the mental well-being of their children while staying connected to them in these testing times of pandemic.

The Liversedge family, from Cushnie, Aberdeenshire, has bravely opened up about their son Corey's struggles with anxiety and how they believe issues caused by the pandemic led him to take his own life on October 24, Daily Mail reported on Thursday.

Describing Corey as a 'funny and kind' boy with a 'cracking sense of humour', his parents, Kerry and Adam said they hope other guardians around the world will try to be discreet and be around their children for emotional dependence.

His father regretted that had it not been for the mental health repercussions of the on-going pandemic restrictions "we would still have our son here today".

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Meanwhile, his teacher at Aboyne Academy, said the boy did not care much for WhatsApp and Facebook. However, the time away from his friends due to the lockdown was "one of the hardest bits" for him.

"So that break in the connection with his mates was tough," she said.

The outpouring of love we have had from swimmers, pupils, teachers, and everyone has been incredible, the deceased's family shared.

"The house is full of cards and flowers, and every single little bit has helped, people have shown us how much they loved him.

"We had a beautiful tribute to Corey from the Munro Bagpiper, a piper who pipes all across Scotland, who sent us a beautiful tribute of him performing in Skye.

"I only wish Corey had known, I just don't think he realised about how many people loved him.

"If he only had a little inkling of what people thought of him, I think he'd be here today, and if it was not for Covid-19, he would definitely be here with us today."

Following Corey's death his family introduced a fundraiser to generate cash for an environmental charity, a cause the 16-year-old cared deeply about as well as Men Matter Scotland, a charity dedicated to helping men deal with their internal struggles, the publication read.