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Saturday Nov 28 2020
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Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles to dive into ‘the small print’ during Megxit review: report

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Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William will focus heavily on ‘the small print’ during Megxit review

An expert believes the Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William will reportedly focus more on “the small print” while conducting their annual Megxit review.

This was brought forward by Dr Anna Whitelock. She touched upon this claim during an interview with Express UK and admitted, "I suspect very little will change and there is no sign of Harry and Meghan wanting to return to the royal fold and all the rigmarole and responsibility that comes with that.”

Plus "The fact that Prince William has been approached to take over the role of Captain General of the Royal Marines, previously held by Harry before he was stripped of his military appointments after stepping back from royal duty, suggests there is no expectation of a formal return to royal business for the Sussexes from either side.”

"Instead it is more likely that the review will focus on the small print of what kind of commercial/media ventures the Sussexes might seek to be involved with and what the Palace might seek to prohibit.”

"And so, in short, the review will most likely formalise the split, at least for now, than signal the beginning of a rapprochement."