Saturday Dec 12 2020

‘Soldiers of Pakistan’ launched in UK after India's propaganda campaign brought to light

British Pakistani community leader and businessman Abu Tarab Raja. — Photo provided by author

LONDON: A British Pakistani community leader and businessman has launched the “Soldiers of Pakistan” organisation to defend national interests of Pakistan in UK and Europe after the EU DisinfoLab uncovered a network of over 750 fake news outlets and dozens of NGOs focused at defaming Islamabad.

Abu Tarab Raja announced at a press conference that revelations by EU DisinfoLab showed that Pakistan was almost unarmed in the West and needed to counter the negative propaganda pushed against its national interests by the Indian government.

“The Soldiers of Pakistan association strongly condemns the fake propaganda and lobbying attempts made by India to discredit Pakistan in the international realm. EU DisinfoLab has uncovered a network of over 750 fake news outlets which facilitated the activities of over 10 NGOs which were embroiled in hostile acts against Pakistan at a massive scale," he said.

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Raja, who will be the chairman of Soldiers of Pakistan, revealed that he had instructed a firm to audit activities of Indian elements based on the revelations made by EU DisinfoLab and was shocked to find out the likely amount that was invested by Indian government every month to run its operations against Pakistan.

"Our own investigation shows that India was spending at least £2 million a month to run this operation and this expenditure tripled during activity months in Brussels, Geneva, London, Washington and New York. Although the report doesn’t name the sponsor of the activity out of expediency but the whole world knows that these nefarious activities were funded by Indian government," he said.

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The businessman said that the campaign has been one of the most well-oiled fake news missions run by any country.

Now its for the United Nations, the European Union and the Western governments to take action against India for using their soil to run malicious operations against Pakistan, he urged.

Raja told the media that the sole purpose for the “Soldiers of Pakistan” association was to protect the reputation and integrity of the country — as well as Pakistan Armed Forces.

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Briefing the media about New Delhi's blatant propaganda, Raja confirmed that his organisation was in talks with their legal team and were considering taking legal action against India’s use of malicious propaganda to malign Pakistan.

When asked whether Soldiers of Pakistan was in touch with EU DisinfoLab, Raja said: “We will be writing to various legal and political forums to inform them about how an independent European organistaion has taken the mask off the dirty face of India.”

The Website of the Soldiers of Pakistan states: “We understand the challenges that the Pakistani armed forces can face when someone, located in a foreign jurisdiction, tries to defame them. A lot of the social media accounts are registered in overseas countries, including the UK, that are making defamatory statements about the Pakistani armed forces. This is done for political reasons. We seek to counter such malicious and baseless propaganda."

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“Our mission will be getting maximum support by enrolling new members to the association. We will also provide support for underprivileged Pakistanis who reside in the UK to show unity among the Pakistani community. Pakistanis from all over the world are welcome to join hands with us for our noble mission — for Pakistan Army.”