Friday Dec 25 2020
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WATCH: UK couple saved two hours after car drowns in freezing cold floodwater

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  • A couple was driving near Norwich, England when their car got trapped and submerged in freezing cold floodwater
  • The car stayed underwater for two hours, but rescuers found the couple alive
  • Bystanders called the rescue “a Christmas miracle” after the pair survived

In what has been termed a "Christmas miracle," a couple were saved two hours after their car drowned in freezing floodwater in Norwich, a city in the United Kingdom's Norfolk County.

Emergency services reached the site where the UK couple's car had drowned — some six feet under the water — and retrieved them from inside around 3:44 pm on Christmas Eve, BBC reported, citing footage from the incident. The two were taken to the hospital for medical treatment as Norfolk Police launched an investigation into the matter.

The couple had gotten stranded in the rainwater after the county received 50mm worth of showers, causing a major flash flood. Their car was barely visible in the flooded road.

They were in there for almost two hours, according to eyewitnesses Matt and Alex Emmerson, who witnessed the rescue operation from their bathroom window.

"Whoever this poor couple were, they were in there for a long time — close to two hours. The water must have been freezing," Matt Emmerson said, as per the publication.

His wife, Alex, said she had "just assumed that there would be nobody in there" as people usually get out of their vehicles "before it gets to that point". Matt termed the rescue a "Christmas miracle", saying one of the firefighters went straight into the water "despite the water coming up to his chin".

One of the car's occupants was reportedly in their 70s, the Daily Mail reported. The eyewitness couple appealed to the authorities for permanent signs warning of flooding in their area.