Wednesday Dec 30 2020
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French designer Pierre Cardin: The man behind PIA uniforms

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PIA air-hostess wearing Pierre Cardin-designed summer uniform. Photo: History of PIA
  • Pierre Cardin designed PIA uniform in 1966
  • That 'A' line tunic with slim-fitted trousers became an instant hit

French designer Pierre Cardin died aged 98 in a hospital in Neuilly near Paris on Tuesday.

The French designer is known for upending fashion in the 1960s and 70s with futuristic looks and a pioneering approach to merchandise.

A little known fact is Pierre Cardin's contribution to Pakistan. The renowned designer designed the uniform for Pakistan International Airline (PIA) in 1966. He was the brains behind the legendary fawn colour uniform for the summer and moss green uniform for winters.

The PIA uniform was a short 'A' line tunic with slim-fitted trousers and a molded dupatta that not only covered heads but also turned heads.

"The uniform became an instant hit, the slim-line trousers immediately were dubbed as 'PIA Pajamas'," wrote History of PIA. The PIA look was copied across Pakistan by young ladies.

Pierre Cardin-designed uniform was used by the national carrier from 1966 to 1975.