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Saturday Jan 16 2021
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'Pakistan has no objections to US-India partnership as long as it is objective'

Web Desk
Special Assistant to Prime Minister Dr Moeed Yousuf. File photo

KARACHI: Special Assistant to Prime Minister Dr Moeed Yousuf has said that Pakistan has no issues with a US-India partnership as long as there is objectivity and there is no negativity initiated by India.

The SAPM passed the comments while addressing a webinar on a reset of US-Pakistan relations held by the Karachi Council on Foreign Affairs (KCFR). The event was moderated by Member Board of Governors KCFR Moin Fudda.

Yousuf said that Islamabad and Washington enjoyed a “crucial relationship” because of the “changed dynamics” with the focus on Afghanistan.

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“For the Afghan peace process, it was important to reach the finish line for controlling bilateral damages,” said Yousuf.

Meanwhile, Former US-ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter urged Islamabad to engage with the incoming Joe Biden administration early to create a positive impression, focusing on economic and diplomatic fronts.

“Quite a few staff in the US administration on Afghan and other foreign policy matters will be willing to resolve multilateral issues and there is a need to explore new business areas like IT, etc, through private sector engagement,” said Munter regarding the relationship between the two countries.

Senior research professor at John Hopkins University Dr Daniel Markey in his remarks emphasised that there was a need to develop bilateral mechanisms and new ways should be adopted.

“The opportunity areas are pandemic response, climate change, clean energy and nuclear diplomacy (Iran),” Dr Markey said regarding the possible areas of cooperation between India and Pakistan.

In her analysis, IBA Professor Huma Baqai said that President-elect Joe Biden will have to walk on a tightrope as he has to undertake damage control due to the actions taken by Donald Trump.

“There is a need to have a new relationship with specific actions and Pakistan should not be paired with China. There is a mismatch on certain strategic issues between the USA and Pakistan, which should be addressed and Pakistan should not be considered a contingent partner,” said Dr Baqai.