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Sunday Feb 28 2021
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‘Royal family will be in jeopardy after Prince Charles takes over throne from Queen’

Web Desk

Queen Elizabeth has been reigning over the UK most of her life but many claim her successors would put the monarchy in jeopardy.

Royal expert and author Clive Irving has argued that second in line to the throne, Prince Charles wouldn’t nearly be as popular amongst the public as his mother was.

In a chat with Australian channel Sunrise, he said: "The Queen has learned the key thing about being a monarch for all this time, which is that we shouldn’t know very personal details about her.”

“That means we shouldn’t know how she feels about things and we shouldn’t know her opinions on anything. That gives her a kind of independence and inscrutability, which is invaluable in a monarch,” he continued.

“I unfortunately can’t say the same for her son and heir Charles, who we know far too much about,” he said.

Comparing the mother and son, Irving said: “She has no constitutional authority, but she has a very personal authority and she has earned that by being a neutral and very sympathetic figure in a kind of motherly way.”

“She comes across as...warm and natural whereas Charles has none of those abilities,” he added.