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Saturday Apr 17 2021
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Billie Eilish's mother just can't believe her daughter is a megastar

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American music superstar, Billie Eilish's mother is just wonder-struck with the great success her daughter received while she was just 13.

Mother Maggie Baird is unable to believe that her daughter is a five-time Grammy winner, who is turned into an artist with the most music reproductions and recorded the theme of the James Bond movie in her bedroom at the family's Los Angeles bungalow.

Having her eyes roll around her daughter’s little room in the two-bed bungalow, Maggie Baird wonders: "How could this be where my daughter became one of the world’s biggest music stars?"

“I heard that Billie is described as one of the biggest stars in the world and that is very difficult for me to process."

Billie Eilish's proud mother said no change came in their life after the singer got so huge fame. “We live in exactly the same way, except our house is full of things: a lot more shoes and a lot more fan art," she pointed out.

“We live this very normal life when we are at home, except that it is also very abnormal because we do crazy things."

Maggie also talked about her reaction when people ask her questions. She said, “People look at the big markers like Glastonbury and Billboard and say, ‘Has your head been blown off?’ And I say, ‘It has blown my mind from the beginning."

“When you have a 13-year-old girl whose representatives call and the record labels call, it’s really shocking,” she added.