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Tuesday May 04 2021

US withdrawal from Afghanistan 2-6% complete: CENTCOM

US Marines walk inside their base after they are back from training with Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers in Helmand province, Afghanistan July 6, 2017. — Reuters/File

  • CENTCOM says 1,300 pieces of equipment have been sent for destruction.
  • One facility has been transfered to the Afghan army, says CENTCOM.
  • The US military is to publish weekly updates on the withdrawal.

US Central Command said Tuesday two to six percent of the withdrawal from Afghanistan has been completed, with the equivalent of 60 cargo planes so far removed ahead of the September deadline. 

CENTCOM said 1,300 pieces of equipment had been sent for destruction and one facility in the southern province of Helmand had been transfered to the Afghan army since President Joe Biden's April 14 announcement of the pullout.

The US military is to publish weekly updates on the withdrawal, including on "the retrograde of troops and equipment" and turning over equipment and facilities to the Afghan security forces.

Afghan troops have faced increased insurgent attacks in recent days in Helmand, where the United States on Sunday handed over the Antonik base as part of its formal pullout that began on May 1.

The US has downplayed the latest fighting and said the withdrawal process was unaffected as it removes its final 2,500 troops from the country.

US military leaders have raised fears that the Kabul government could fall to the Taliban after the pullout, and say the insurgents now control more Afghan territory than 10 years ago.