Prince Charles ‘struggling to cope’ with Prince Harry’s explosive claims

Prince Charles attempting to ‘hide’ from public view after Prince Harry claims made headlines

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Prince Charles is reportedly struggling to cope with added public scrutiny ever since Prince Harry’s explosive claims against the palace started making headlines.

News regarding Prince Charles’ feelings have been brought forward by royal expert Stewart Pearce.

During his interview with US Weekly he claimed, “Prince Charles is a very, very shy man, a very sensitive and delicate man, but we see his public personality, but in private, he’s immensely sensitive.”

“So, what he did was to shrink back and as a result of that became aloof. Well, that doesn’t heal the challenge that’s taking place. That’s what Charles does. He can’t deal with it because of his sensitivity, so he hides.”

“And what Harry’s trying to do is to heal that. Not out of umbrage, not out of anger or revenge or criticism or accusation. I felt that he was just somebody saying, ‘This is the way that it is, and this is why we want to make change.'”cause of his sensitivity, so he hides.”