Olivia Rodrigo touches on inspiration behind creating the ‘The Rose Song’

Olivia Rodrigo sheds light on her intentions behind creating ‘The Rose Song’

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Olivia Rodrigo recently touched upon her creative process behind crafting The Rose Song for the Disney+ High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

The singer weighed in on her creative process towards crafting the song with People magazine and was quoted saying, “I'm really proud of it. I think it's really fun to write from the perspective of somebody that is not you.”

She added how her inspiration behind it all was to write a “feminist song from the perspective of a rose,” especially since “I always try to integrate my personal experience, and also my unique songwriting voices for the songs that I do for the show.”

Rodrigo also added, “It's just really about Nini realizing that she is not how other people perceive her. That is not who she is. And she's sort of coming into her own and finding her individuality. And I think that's a really important process for any teenager to go through. It's really cool to portray that on-screen.”

“I think all of us can feel restricted whether it's by outside forces or by other people's opinions. And I also think it's super cool, because it also ties it to the rose thing, because the roses kept under a glass, and you're breaking through the glass so it could be a glass ceiling thing, too.”