Thursday Jun 24 2021
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These Pakistani men just spoke up against PM Imran Khan's victim blaming

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Pakistani women are outraged after Prime Minister Imran Khan linked the rise in cases of sexual violence to how women dress.

Prime Minister Khan told HBO that if women wear few clothes, it will have an impact on men, unless “they are robots”.

The comments have not gone down well with Pakistani men either, who have also expressed their anger on social media.

Here is what the men are saying:

'A damning indictment'

Actor Osman Khalid Butt said that if the prime minister’s remarks were not “a damning indictment of our society I don't know what is”, adding that “of course men aren't robots. Yes, there is desire, temptation, attraction. Rape isn't caused by this. Rape is about power. Dominance, a complete lack of empathy, hostility. It diminishes a woman - or a man, or a child - to a sexual object. It is dehumanizing.”

'Stop humanising rapists'

Activist Jibran Nasir asked the prime minister to stop humanising rapists, abusers and harassers.

“You may not realise it but when you repeatedly stress upon the clothes of a woman as a cause for temptation leading to sexual violence you do exactly that,” he wrote on Twitter.

'Proud to be a robot'

Editor Talat Aslam wrote on Twitter that he was proud to be a robot in response to the prime minister.

'I know the difference'

Activist Khurram Qureshi said on twitter that he was not a robot and he knew the difference between “Truth and Lies, Right and Wrong”

'Understand you are wrong'

Journalist Zarrar Khuhro wrote on social media that “once you see the actual cases, the actual dynamics and atrocities (children, babies, corpses, heated rods being used as surrogate phalluses) you understand you were wrong.”