Thursday Jul 01 2021
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The days of Queen Elizabeth’s ‘beloved luxury are numbered’

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A financial expert recently stepped forward with shocking news regarding the future of Queen Elizabeth’s most beloved luxury item.

The claim has been brought forward by royal finance expert David McClure.

In his annual breakdown of the annual Sovereign Grant Report he told Mail Plus’ Confidential, Queen Elizabeth’s ‘beloved’ luxury might have to be decommissioned due to its ‘unusually high and financially unviable costs’.

He was quoted telling the outlet, “William and Kate on one single rail journey to Scotland spent £49,000.”

“Interestingly it was the only time the royal train was used this year. Last year it was only used three times. So it's not really financially viable. In the future, its days must be numbered.”

He also went on to say, “The Sovereign Grant does not include all the costs of the monarchy. It doesn't include say the cost of local councils for organising visits by members of the Royal Family.”

“Most importantly it doesn't include the cost of security. Now the government refuses to give it a precise figure whatsoever for the cost of security because they say it might undermine security.”

“But I've just completed an investigation that showed that 10 years ago the cost of security was £128 million. If that was a case 10 years ago it's probably something of the region of £150 million today. So the monarchy is really a lot more expensive than the Palace would have us believe.”