Saturday Jul 03 2021
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Which country has the strongest passport in the world?

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The most powerful passport in 2021 is New Zealand’s, where citizens can access 92 countries visa-free and acquire a visa on arrival for 44 countries.

The rank was published on the Global Passport Power Ranking 2021, a list powered by Canadian company Arton Capital.

The list is based on the global mobility index by Arton Capital, a financial advisory firm for global citizenship.

Two factors determine global mobility; the first is whether the passport allows visa-free travel for its citizens to a predetermined group of financial centres and socio-cultural hubs.

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The second factor is the total number of countries the passport can reach visa-free.

The Pakistani passport landed the 77th position on the list. 

Passports from Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and Spain ranked second, with access to 135 countries. India ranked 61 and Bangladesh 72.

Pakistani citizens have open access to seven countries and visas on arrival for 28 countries. Citizens must acquire visas for the remaining 163 countries.

Finland, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, the USA, and UAE all ranked as countries with the third strongest passports.

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Ranks of other major countries include France at 4, England at 5, Canada at 8, Israel at 13, Malaysia at 14, Hong Kong at 16, Mexico at 20, Turkey at 29, Qatar at 39, South Africa at 41, Saudi Arabia at 48, China at 52, Egypt at 65, Lebanon at 71, North Korea at 72, Palestinian Territories at 75 and Iran at 76. Yemen shares the 77th rank with Pakistan.

The weakest passports in the world are of Afghanistan at 81, Iraq at 31, Syria at 32, and Somalia at 34.