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Saturday Jul 31 2021
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13-year-old Indian boy 'hangs himself' after getting scolded for losing money in online game

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The minor lost ₹40,000 while playing an online game called Free Fire (Representational image)
The minor lost ₹40,000 while playing an online game called Free Fire (Representational image)
  • Mother was notified about bank transaction through a message.
  • Boy hung himself from the ceiling fan without anyone knowing.
  • Boy left a "suicide note", confessing losing money in an online game.

BHOPAL: A teenage boy allegedly committed suicide after losing ₹40,000 in an online game, in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, India Today reported on Saturday.

The publication said that the 13-year-old boy reportedly "hung himself" from the ceiling fan after getting a scolding from his mother over the loss of the money.

According to India Today, the deceased boy and his sister were home alone when he took the extreme step without anyone noticing.

The police quoted the deceased boy’s mother as saying that she had been notified of a withdrawal of ₹,1,500 from her bank account through a text message on her phone when she was still at work.

Upon being notified, the boy’s mother called him to confirm that the transaction has taken place, said the police, adding that the boy admitted losing it an online game called Free Fire, the report said.

They further stated that the mother scolded her son for the mistake which followed with the boy allegedly ending his life.

During the probe, the police also found a suicide note left by the boy, which contained a confession about losing a total of ₹40,000 in the online game, the publication reported.

The deceased was handed over to the family after an autopsy, said the police, adding that further investigations were underway.

According to the report, the police was investigating if it was the boy himself who made the transactions or someone else has threatened him into doing it.