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Monday Aug 02 2021
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Boy writes with his toes, passes grade 12 exams with 70% marks

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Photo credits: Indian Media.
Photo credits: Indian Media. 

  • Tuskar was born with a disability that prevented him from being able to use his hands. 
  • Tushar refused help from a writer and extra time to solve the exams. 
  • Tushar aspires to be an engineer, his parents are fully supportive of him. 

Tushar Vishwakarma, a 12th class student from Lucknow, India, born with a disability, passed his 12th-grade exams with 70% marks by writing with his toes, Indian media has reported.

Vishwakarma was born with a disability that prevented him from being able to use his hands. However, his passion for learning has not kept him from achieving things a normal student can.

Tushar recently passed the 12th-grade exams by writing with his toes and scored 70% marks. 

Tushar's story is an example of unfaltering courage and grit.  

"Since birth, both my hands do not function, but I never considered it as a shortcoming. When my two elder siblings started going to school, I also requested my parents that I wanted to go to school, but the hurdle was how would I write. I tried to copy my siblings when they studied and turned my toes into my hands," said Tushar, who studies at the Creative Convent College in Lucknow.

Tushar aspires to become an engineer and his father, who works at a small private company, is fully supportive of his son.

"My father Rajesh Vishwakarma faced a tough time in ensuring my admission. He went to various schools but they refused. Finally, he succeeded. I overcame my disability and started writing with my toes. I practised for almost six hours a day and then started writing fast. I can also turn the pages of books with my toes," Tushar added. 

Tushar refused to take help from a writer and even refused the offer of extra time in the board exams. 

He attempted the exams like a regular student and answered the exam with black and blue pens.