Wednesday Oct 13 2021
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Formed PTI govt in Punjab despite less seats than PML-N: Jahangir Tareen

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  • Jahangir Tareen says PM Imran Khan directed him to form PTI govt in Punjab.
  • Vows to stand by PTI despite conspiracies to separate him from Imran Khan.
  • Urges govt to take steps to control inflation.

LODHRAN: Former PTI secretary-general Jahangir Khan Tareen on Tuesday said he worked hard to form his party’s government in Punjab despite less number of seats in Punjab on Prime Minister Imran Khan's directions.

Tareen made these remarks during a corner meeting in Lodhran where he admitted the ruling party did not have the required numbers in the biggest province to form the government.

Tareen is facing charges after a sugar inquiry commission named him among the beneficiaries of an "artificial" price hike of the commodity and subsidies doled out to millers.

Tareen said Imran Khan had sent him a message that the government in the federation would be of no use if the PTI failed to form its government in Punjab, adding that due to hard work, they formed the provincial government in Punjab despite the PTI having less number of seats than the PML-N.

The PTI leader said he would neither quit politics nor part ways with the party despite conspiracies to drive a wedge between him and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“I worked hard day and night in the ruling PTI for eight years because Imran Khan was different from other politicians,” he said.

“Six months before the election, I was disqualified with a wrong and futile decision, yet I did not leave Imran Khan. My son and I decided we will neither quit politics nor part ways with the PTI during my two weeks visit abroad,” he said, adding that he will continue to strive for the party. 

Tareen said a rift was created between him and the prime minister due to a conspiracy. He, however, added that he was not much troubled over it.  

Earlier, he had also asked his party’s government to forget everything else and take measures to control the surging inflation. He had said that the effective way to control inflation was to apply the theory of demand and supply.

Tareen said that had the government controlled imports, the rise in prices of sugar, wheat and other commodities would never have taken place.