Thursday, December 02, 2021

Punjab governor says Pakistan robbed in new IMF-PTI deal

The impression of being sidelined by PTI is not correct, says Punjab governor

  • Punjab governor says IMF has demanded "everything" the country owns (as collateral) against the loan.
  • Says "the impression of being sidelined [by the party] is not correct."
  • PTI leader Anil Musarrat also denies reports of differences within PTI.

LONDON: Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar has criticised the PTI government for handing over "everything" to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in exchange for a loan of $6 billion.

Speaking at an event of the PTI's UK chapter, the Punjab governor regretted the loss of Pakistan’s sovereignty to the IMF’s tough demands.

Sarwar told the audience: “The International Monetary Fund will give us $6 billion in total over the next three years. The IMF will give us $2 billion every year. They have secured everything in writing from us. And this is a loan. This is not charity, it is a loan. They have taken everything from us by giving us $6 billion to be given in three years.”  

Later, talking to reporters at the event, Sarwar said the party has not told him to step down from his position and the impression being given that he has been sidelined is also not correct.

Meanwhile, UK-based PTI leader Aneel Musarrat also dismissed rumours of Sarwar’s differences with the party.

When asked about the displeasure of the Punjab governor with the PTI, Musarrat said even siblings quarrel frequently.

“There is no such thing here. Muhammad Sarwar is an old comrade, he does not seem angry and will be with us in the next elections as well,” he said, adding that fights happen between real brothers too.

Sarwar’s criticism of the PTI govt came within hours of his earlier shot fired at the government two days ago in London.

Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar had said earlier: “I never asked for the governor's position but had been asked by the party's leadership to accept it. When you are in a party, you have to accept the party's decision and you cannot rebel against it. This was our party’s unanimous decision.”

Criticising the government, he said the outdated system had failed to address the needs of the people.

Sarwar said he could have delivered for the masses if he was given another role, adding that he was doing his best to fulfil his duty in areas where he could exercise his domain.

The Punjab governor said, “so far we have failed to bring judicial and police reforms”.

"A tragedy of Pakistan is that we have not strengthened our institutions. Successive governments have failed. We run after the personalities and don’t think about strengthening institutions."

The Punjab governor is currently visiting London and meeting different sections of the society.

On Thursday, Sarwar tweeted that he had a “very productive meeting Keir Satrmer”, the Labour party leader and David Lammy.

He said: “Pak[istan] has facilitated the evacuation of foreigners on the request of [international community] and will work with all stakeholders to address Afghan crises, however, the world must unite to prevent the looming humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan," he said.