Friday Dec 17 2021
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You can now keep an eye on your screentime through an online calculator

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— Reuters/File
— Reuters/File

  • An average person spends 145 minutes a day on their smartphone, the app finds.
  • The online calculator has been developed by Sortlist to calculate the screen time you spend on a device.
  • Users just enter the average daily amount of screen time they spend and the tool will calculate annual usage. 

Social life is an essential need of our lives now. And after the coronavirus pandemic, which began in 2019, the world has become exceedingly dependent on social media. By using your cellular device, you can get to know everything about the world while sitting on your couch. 

According to The Daily Mail, Nicolas Finet, co-founder and chief marketing officer (CMO) at Sortlist, has developed an online calculator to let users know about how much time they have spent annually. 

"Without even knowing, we spend a lot of time behind a screen and because of this, we wanted to create the calculator to enable users to fully understand the extent of our digital lives and where the majority of our time is spent and how this compares to countries across the world," Finet said. 

He further said that as a result of the pandemic, many people have been forced to work from home, spend copious amounts of time on Zoom calls, and use their free time to scroll social media and utilise the array of apps at our disposal, but all of this time spent online can build up.

How does the calculator work?

This online calculator not only assesses people's online time but also compares it to the average time for 16-64 years old. 

Per the report, an average person spends 145 minutes a day on their smartphone, which has gotten higher this year as compared to 2020 when it was 142 minutes. 

"Over the past 18 months or so we have spent more time behind a screen than ever," Finet said. 

When data from the calculator was dug deeper and analysis was done, YouTube turned out to be the most used app of this year as its average time shot up to 23 hours and 12 minutes per month.

Sortlist advises taking a digital detox as it would be a wise move to do this festive season.

"In today's world, the majority of day-to-day tasks are completed online and this isn't a bad thing, but it's important that we remind ourselves that there is more to enjoy than just social media and online browsing," Finet added, according to the article.

"Taking a digital detox isn't always easy and temptation can get the better of us, but if you're persistent and enjoy some time away from your screen, it's very likely you'll reap the benefits from doing so."