Tuesday Dec 21 2021
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Newborn dies after man allegedly carries out wife's delivery at home by watching YouTube videos

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    Representational image — AFP
    Representational image — AFP

    • Infant dies after man carries out wife's delivery at home with the help of YouTube videos.
    • The couple had refused to go for regular check-ups after wife got pregnant.
    • An inquiry has been launched against couple for infant's wrongful death.

    TAMIL NADU: A woman underwent complicated labour and ended up giving birth to a stillborn baby after her husband attempted to carry out the delivery at home with the support of YouTube videos, Indian Express reported Tuesday.

    Per the report, Tamil Nadu's health department has registered a complaint against the couple which led to the infant's wrongful death. 

    As a result of the failed attempt, the woman, 28, had to suffer excessive bleeding after which she had to be rushed to a hospital in a critical condition. 

    Deputy Director of Health Ranipet V Manimaran told the publication that the department registered a complaint as the couple’s action had led to the death of the infant.

    According to the police, an investigation has been launched into the matter but nothing negating the version of the couple has been found yet.

    “The family members said the delivery was done with the woman's permission and that there was nothing wrong on the part of her husband," the police said. "Therefore, we have not booked anyone yet. We are conducting the inquiry and further action will be taken based on its outcome."

    The report further said that December 13 was the due date on which the woman had to give birth. However, she experienced labour pain on December 18, but instead of rushing her to the hospital, her husband decided to help her deliver their baby at home. 

    With the help of his sister, the man watched YouTube videos to deliver the baby. After a long struggle, his wife gave birth to a stillborn baby boy. 

    Owing to heavy postpartum bleeding, the woman was taken to a Primary Health Centre near their house, but they were further sent to the Vellore Government Hospital for treatment.

    According to Manimaran, after the woman had become pregnant, the couple denied going for regular check-ups. 

    “Gomathi became pregnant in March this year. They registered the pregnancy at the Primary Health Centre but didn’t come for any subsequent check-up," he said. 

    When the Village Health Nurse (VHN) asked them to come for the check-up, the couple informed that they were receiving treatment at the Vellore CMC Hospital. They were asked to provide receipts of the check-ups, which they kept delaying. 

    The VHN contacted them again when the due date of December 13 approached, but they said they were "taking care of it,” he said.

    He further said that on December 18 when the VHN visited their house, Lokanathan told her that his wife was admitted to the hospital by them.

    “The same day, he took the baby and his bleeding wife to the Punnai PHC. When the doctors at Vellore asked them why they didn’t get admitted to the hospital immediately, the family provided evasive replies."

    "The woman then revealed that they had performed the childbirth by watching a YouTube video,” Manimaran briefed.