Wednesday Apr 06, 2022
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'Are you a terrorist': US airport's 'advanced' security system asks people

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A self-check-in booth at US Airport asks are you a terrorist?. Twitter/@AsaadHanna
A self-check-in booth at US Airport asks "are you a terrorist?". Twitter/@AsaadHanna

Twitter is in splits after a picture of a US Airport that asks at a self-check-in counter "are you a terrorist" with a "yes" or "no" option left social media users chuckling.

A freelance journalist, Asaad Sam Hanna, posted the image on Twitter captioning it “Advanced level of security at the US airport”.

The post amused many netizens who couldn't help but wonder how this question would be helpful for airport security.

“I really don't understand how, since 9/11, our airport check-in has become more computerised, with much less human-to-human interactions. Given past observations by agents who have noticed suspicious behaviour seems like a bad thing for security,” a user wrote.

A user said, "Definitely don’t wanna have fat fingers and hit the wrong button!"

Another user, however, explained that these questions do in fact have a purpose. “If you are (a terrorist), and you lie, it's a way for law enforcement to bring additional charges.”

The US has set up these self-check-in booths all across the country. Reportedly, these kisoks also use facial recognition technology and capture passengers' data, NDTV reported.