time Monday Apr 11 2022
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WATCH: Shrimp cleans scuba diver's teeth underwater

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Shrimp cleans mans teeth. Screengrab from twitter video/@AmazingNature00
Shrimp cleans man's teeth. Screengrab from twitter video/@AmazingNature00

We have often seen clips of tiny animals being little dentists and cleaning the mouths of bigger animals such as crocodiles, whales, and hippos. However, in a recent video, which is now going viral, a scuba diver can be seen getting his teeth cleaned by a shrimp.

Amazing Nature has published the video on Twitter with the caption: Need teeth cleaned? Contact me.

Getting one's teeth cleaned underwater is something people have heard for the first time.

The scuba diver can be seen near a coral reef underwater. He records the shrimp entering his mouth. The crustacean picks bits of food from the adventurer's teeth and cleans his gums with its feet.

Towards the end of the video, the shrimp leaves the diver after doing its job and goes back to its usual life in the ocean.

Social media users were stunned.

One user explained the science behind it.

Some definitely did not like it.

“Shrimp be like, sir u are not flossing daily,” said another.

Netizens are amused and the video has garnered more than 103,000 views.