Friday Apr 15 2022
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Man in India arrested for playing 'Pakistan Zindabad' song

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Shopkeeper in India arrested for playing Pakistan Zindabad song. Screengrab via Twitter/@@Anshul01Patel
Shopkeeper in India arrested for playing "Pakistan Zindabad" song. Screengrab via Twitter/@@Anshul01Patel

  • Man in Bareilly, India, gets booked for playing "Pakistan Zindabad" song.
  • Reports say he amplified the song when asked to stop.
  • Mother of accused requests to release son.

A man in Bareilly, India, was arrested for playing a "Pakistan Zinadabad" song at his shop after his action caused an uproar on social media, the Newsroom Post reported.

A video of the man playing the song went viral. In the video, two people can be seen calmly listening to the song.

Reportedly, some people confronted the shopkeeper and asked him to stop playing the song, but instead of doing so, he amplified it. As a result, a case was filed against both the men.

“Police said that the accused are being interrogated and appropriate action will be taken for the offence,” said Bareilly SP Rajkumar Agarwal.

The man's mother, requesting the police to release her son, told the media that he must have misjudged the situation because he was uneducated.

“My younger son played religious songs on his mobile phone. He didn’t know there were such slogans also in the phone. We never play such songs. I request the police to release him,” the accused shopkeeper’s mother said.

This is not the first time people have been arrested for playing such songs or raising Pakistani slogans, labelling them as "anti-national" activities.