Couple's $810 tip to waitress divides internet

'That's a dollar sign not an 8,' a user says

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—(left to right) Unsplash/@sanfrancisco, Facebook/The Big Cheese and Pub
—(left to right) Unsplash/@sanfrancisco, Facebook/The Big Cheese and Pub

  • Couple tips waitress $810, restaurant shares news.
  • Netizens say it was meant to be dollar sign, not number 8.
  • Couple's original bill was $48.

A couple has shocked the internet by giving a massive tip of $810 which is more than Rs156,000 according to the exchange rate from dollar to rupee on May 14, 2022.

The couple visited their favourite restaurant "The Big Cheese & Pub" in  Rhode Island, United States, NDTV reported.

Their original bill for the food that they had was just $48. The eatery shared the incident on their official Facebook page sharing an image of the bill.

"Angels wander among us and for that we are grateful. Thank you to the long-time patrons for their generosity," said the caption.

The invoice shows the total bill to be 48 dollars and 17 cents with a handwritten note of $810.

NDTV reported that the waiter who received the tip, Jennifer Vernacio, said that she had never received a tip this huge.

"I just want to say thank you so much. It meant a lot," NDTV quoted Vernancio as saying.

"[...] that kind of a tip made me smile the rest of the day," she added.

The restaurant manager Kim Tierney agreed saying that it makes a huge difference. 

While some social media users were overjoyed, others were quite skeptical. 

A user, who seemed to be an acquaintance of Vernacio said, "Couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person !! I love this ❤️❤️"

A user commented, "Idk looks like a $10 tip. The math doesn't add up."

"Hey that's a dollar sign looks like the number 8," chimed in another.

Couples $810 tip to waitress divides internet

Another user said, "I hope the restaurant checked with customer first too before charging that."

However, there are no reports of the couple claiming the money back.

Vernacio revealed that she was a single mom who could really use the tip.