Monday May 30 2022
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Watch: One-handed climber creates new record

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Anoushé lives in London but grew up in Luxembourg.—Guinness World Records
Anoushé lives in London but grew up in Luxembourg.—Guinness World Records

  • Husain, 23, was born missing one of her lower arms.
  • She scaled 374.85 m (1,229 feet 9 inches) in just an hour.
  • She has battled cancer and also has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Anoushe Husain has set a new record for the greatest vertical distance covered on a climbing wall with one hand in one hour after she climbed The Castle Climbing Centre, London, UK, reported Guinness World Records. 

Husain, 23, was born with a missing lower arm but while climbing the wall, she forgot her disability and ended up scaling 374.85 m (1,229 feet 9 inches) in just an hour.

"My little arm is actually my dominant arm on the wall," she explained. However, she had to use her weaker arm to climb the wall. 

"I had to learn how to climb left-handed only, how to readjust my balance, how to generate power, and how to work with what is essentially my weaker side."

Husain shared that she created the record despite her health issues.

"It means I’m back. The impossible is still possible for me," she said.

Husain said that her parents always wanted her to be independent and always liked to be physically active. She has been involved in swimming, martial arts, and other sports. 

She excelled in martial arts and was even selected for the Luxembourg national team.

However, Husain was soon diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which affects tissues. Even a few steps can cause a sprained ankle. Apart from that, she has also battled cancer. 

While the warrior was ambitious as soon as she discovered the sport at the age of 8, her parents were hesitant to allow her to pursue it due to safety fears.

Husain has had multiple visits to hospitals throughout and even surgeries but she aims to inspire the community. She wants to "be a champion for those who struggle with their conditions and limits."

She is an ambassador for many leading charities that help people with limb differences. She won the Baton Award in the Sportswomen of the Year category in 2021. Husain was also one of the three finalists in the sports category of the 2021 Muslim Women Awards.

"Be gentle with yourself on the days it won’t work. If you have health issues, not every day is going to be linear. But frankly, for any athlete, no progress is ever linear," says the champion.