time Friday Jun 10 2022
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Watch: 'Spiderman' robber snatches phone from moving train while hanging on bridge

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Spiderman thief snatching a mans phone. — Screengrabs via Instagram/The Times of India
"Spiderman" thief snatching a man's phone. — Screengrabs via Instagram/The Times of India

A surprising but funny video of a phone being snatched from a moving train is taking the internet by storm. 

In Bihar's Begusarai, India, a thief was hanging on the Rajendra Setu rail bridge from where trains pass. 

The bridge connects Patna and Begusarai, reported the Times of India.

In the video, a man — identified as Sameer Kumar — is seen recording the view of the Ganga River from his camera phone. Suddenly, the robber, who people are calling "Spiderman", swiftly snatches his phone.

All of it happens in the split of a second as the train speedily crosses the hanging man.

It is visible in the footage that Kumar is taken aback. He looks around for a few seconds making sense of what happened to him. He then murmurs to his friend, informing him of the incident. 

Social media users could not stop laughing at the unfortunate man and filled the comment section with laugh emojis. 

"Unpaid Spider-Man," a user wrote. 

"Bro got mad skills," commented another.

"Indian James bond," joked one more.