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These websites are visited most in the world

Web Desk
Google is the most visited website in the world. — Unsplash
Google is the most visited website in the world. — Unsplash

According to the statistics from the Semrush Traffic Analytics tool, as reported by Al Bawaba, the following are the top 10 most visited sites in the world.


Google is a type of search engine operating since 1997 and is visited 45.41 billion times per month globally. It is owned by  Alphabet, Inc. and is the most popular website on the planet.


With 27 billion visits per month, YouTube, a video platform, is the second-most visited website in the world. It has been running since 2005 and is also owned by Alphabet, Inc.

YouTube is believed to have over 800 million videos. 


The third on the list is Facebook. In use since 2004, this social media website has 9.9 billion visits per month. Meta Platforms owns Facebook with 2.78 billion active users a month.


Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia which ranks fourth on the list. It is owned by Wikimedia Foundation and has been operating since 2001. The encyclopedia is used by the whole world and has 6.208 billion visits monthly.


Launched in 2006, Twitter, yet another popular social media site, has 4.7 billion users monthly. It stands in the same position with Wikipedia, attracting 6.208 billion visits per month. It is actively used by world leaders, celebrities, politicians, and brands.


Statistics show that Reddit has 3.8 billion clicks monthly, making it a very famous social media platform. It has been operating since 2005 and is owned by Advance Publications.

Reddit is said to have played a huge role in making cryptocurrencies popular. It is called the heart of the bitcoin community.

With 3.5 billion clicks per month, Lectormo seems to be the go-to place for Manga bookworms. Running since 2010, the website has provided many book readers with free manga both in Japanese and English.

Easily making it to the top 10, the e-commerce website holds the eighth position for its 3.29 billion visits a month. Amazon allows people from all over the world to purchase nearly everything and is considered the best option for online shopping.

Another social media site, Instagram stands at the ninth position with 3.22 billion views. The photo-focused application is also owned by Meta.

It is the most famous racing website in the United States and one of the largest in the United Kingdom. With three billion clicks a month, Sporting Life provides people with news and analysis about golf, football, darts, snooker, tennis, and racing.