Wednesday Jul 20 2022
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Here is the best way to sleep during a heatwave

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A woman lies on her front with her hair covering her face. —Unsplash
A woman lies on her front with her hair covering her face. —Unsplash

  • Several countries in the world are experiencing hottest year ever.
  • One should never sleep on their front.
  • Best position is when people lie in "semi-foetal position".

Several countries in the world, especially Europe, are experiencing the hottest year ever with extreme heatwaves turning people sick. 

Extreme heat affects the body in multiple ways and one of them is an individual's sleep.

When the temperature is warmer than usual, people find themselves tossing and tuning in their beds.

James Leinhardt, who is the founder of a leading pillow and mattress brand, said that some sleeping positions are better than others when it comes to getting sleep in the heat.

He told The Mirror that one should never sleep on their front. 

He said: "When it comes to staying cool at night, the position we lie in is a big factor we can control."

The best position, he said was when people lie in a "semi-foetal position". It is also called "the dreamer".

He also mentioned the "star gazer" position which is implying lying on one's back.

"If you toss and turn at night, your heart rate variability goes up," he explained. 

Leinhardt said that the heart's variability rate going up meant warmer blood pumping around the body.

He added that bed warmers could be fatal in a heatwave.