time Friday Jul 22 2022
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PTI leader Shahbaz Gill caught spreading lies

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PTI Chairman Imran Khan's Chief of Staff Shahbaz Gill was caught spreading lies on Friday after he said that his boss did not exclusively speak to Geo News.

Earlier today, Gill's boss spoke to Geo News' reporter Azam Malik in Lahore where he discussed a number of issues. 

When Geo News aired the story, Gill denied that Khan spoke to the news channel and said the media outlet came up with a "fabricated story" as its "ratings were going down."

"[We are] boycotting Geo News for its yellow journalism and for working as PML-N's media cell," tweeted Gill.

However, Malik, who broke the story, shared an account of his meeting with the PTI Chairman on live TV to debunk Gill's claim. 

Malik had also tweeted a picture he had taken with the PTI chairman following his meeting with him. 

In his talk with Geo News, Khan vowed to keep a close eye on Lahore — considered to be the political heart of Pakistan's largest province, Punjab.

"I will not keep away from Lahore. Next month, I will live here twice a week," he said, from his residence in Zaman Park.

Seemingly upbeat ahead of the election for the chief minister of Punjab, where PTI is favoured to win after clinching 15 seats in the recently held Punjab by-election, Khan turned to Hammad Azhar — present during the interview — saying that he will be given an "important role" whereby he will organise the party in the province.

The former prime minister also heaped praise on party leader Yasmin Rashid, saying that the ex-health minister has done tremendous work for the PTI in Punjab.

PTI leaders Fawad Chaudhry and Zulfi Bukhari were also present.

The PTI chief, speaking of the party's astounding success in the recently-held Punjab by-polls, said it was "unexpected the way people came out to lend their support to the party's narrative".

"We had something based on truth which we put before the people and they responded spectacularly," Khan said.

He also expressed confidence that Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, the party's candidate for the election, will win.

The Punjab chief minister's election will take place shortly, which is expected to be a determining factor in the country's politics — as the province holds its separate significance.

The PTI and PML-Q have fielded a joint candidate, Pervez Elahi, for the election and they have enough numbers to ensure his win — having 188 votes, which is two more than the required simple majority (186).