Tuesday Aug 30 2022
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WATCH: Car swept away in flood water due to driver's mistake

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About 1,136 people have lost their lives in floods caused by abnormal monsoon rains, however, some people mistakenly put their lives in danger. 

Several videos of vehicles and houses being washed away due to high-pressure water have been going viral on social media. 

Another video has surfaced which shows a person driving a car through a high-pressure flood despite knowing the danger, which led to the car being immediately swept away in flood water. 

The video was filmed by someone sitting in another car behind the one in the accident. 

As soon as the car plunged into the water, people filming the video started shouting in fear. 

However, it is not known whether the person driving the car lost his life or was saved. It is also not clear how many people were sitting in the car. 

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