Tuesday Oct 04 2022
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‘Miserable’ Prince Harry ‘radiates same sadness’ as King Edward VIII

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Prince Harry has looked “miserable” ever since he stepped down from royal duties alongside his wife Meghan Markle.

According to royal author Hugo Vickers, the Duke of Sussex portrayed the same emotions as King Edward VIII when the monarch resigned from his royal duties for American divorce.

During his speech at the Henley Literary, Hugo said that they both “radiate the same sadness”, reported The Times.

“I think the reason the Queen always had such sparkling eyes was that she dedicated herself to duty,” he said while adding that King Edward VIII “took the path of perceived happiness” from her marriage to Wallis Simpson.

“If you woke him up at 4 am and asked if he had any regrets he would have said no. But if you want to know what he really thought, look at his eyes,” the author said.

“As for the Duke of Sussex, who knows what's going to happen to him? I think he looks thoroughly miserable,” he added.

“I don’t know how you can have a slimmed-down monarchy because people do want to see them,” he explained.

“The Queen and Prince Philip had about 2,000 organisations between them. You’ve lost Prince Andrew and Prince Harry. Who’s going to do it?” the expert said.