Sunday, January 08, 2023
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Andrew Tate tattooed every cam girl with ‘owned by Tate’ branding: report

Andrew Tate reportedly treated the cam girls who worked for him like property with brandings ‘owned by Tate’

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Andrew Tate has just been accused of treating the women in his compound like slaves after reports he’d brand them with the words “owned by Tate” went viral.

The women in question reportedly walked around with this branding, during the entire duration of their stay, per a report by the New York Post.

The same tats were also visible in videos created by the women operating out of Romania.

This comes shortly after resurfaced allegations of rape were brought against the polarizing figure.

He has even been quoted saying similar statements during the course of his interviews with outlets like Barstool Sports.

At the time he was quoted saying, “It’s not about being property, it’s about she belongs to him,” and its “because they’re in a relationship.”

However, to Tate, the same does not apply to male counterparts since, “I think the women belong(s) to the man” and has “a stake in those pasts”, but not the other way around.

Even a social media post by a model named Sebastian Vieru, show Tate’s name tattooed on her back, in temporary ink.

As of now Tate’s lawyer, Eugen Vidineac claims, that they all “deny the allegations, and they want to cooperate with the prosecutors and to declare their innocence,” and also “deny any exploitation of women.”