Prince Harry ‘risked’ eye contact with Camilla as he discussed Diana at wedding

Prince Harry spoke about Princess Diana on Prince William's wedding

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Prince Harry recalls how he ended Prince William’s wedding speech with a sad note on Diana.

The Duke of Sussex shares private bits from his elder brother’s wedding as he opens up in memoir ‘Spare.’

Writing that he decided to say a few words about Princess Diana, Harry pens: “When it died away I closed on a serious note. Mummy: How she’d have loved to have been here. How she’d have loved Kate, and how she’d have loved seeing this love you’ve found together. As I spoke these words I didn’t look up. I didn’t want to risk making eye contact with Pa or Camilla—and above all with Willy. I hadn’t cried since Mummy’s funeral, and I wasn’t going to break that streak now.”

He adds: “I also didn’t want to see anyone’s face but Mummy’s. I had the clearest vision in my mind of her beaming on Willy’s Big Day, and having a proper laugh about that dead ermine.”