Latest Atlas Honda bike price in Pakistan

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An undated image of Atlas Hondas 125cc model bike. — Twitter/@honda2wheelerin
An undated image of Atlas Honda's 125cc model bike. — Twitter/@honda2wheelerin

Atlas Honda — the biggest player in the two-wheeler segment in Pakistan — once again notified an increase in the price of its motorcycles.

This is the third time in 2023 that the company has raised the prices of its motorcycles. With the recent increase, the bikes have been made costlier by Rs7,000-25,000.

The new rates came into effect on March 3.

Following are the new retail selling price (ex-factory):


Retail price 
(exclusive of sales tax)

Sales tax — 18%

Retail price 
(inclusive of sales tax)

CD70 (Red, Black)Rs122,796.61Rs22,103.39Rs144,900
CD70 DREAMRs131,779.66Rs23,720.34Rs155,500
PRIDOR (Red, Black, Blue)Rs161,440.68Rs29,059.32Rs190,500
CG125 (Red, Black)Rs182,118.64Rs32,781.36Rs214,900
CG125S (Red, Black)Rs216,864.41Rs39,035.59Rs255,900
CB125F (Red, Black, Blue)Rs297,372.88Rs53,527.12Rs350,900
CB150F (Red, Black)Rs376,186.44Rs67,713.56Rs443,900
CB150F (Silver)Rs379,576.27Rs68,323.73Rs447,900

The company has been raising prices due to the constant fluctuations of the Pakistani rupee against all major currencies, especially the US dollar, coupled with a rise in the cost of manufacturing. 

Last month, Atlas Honda jacked up prices of bikes in the range of Rs9,000-35,000. Earlier in January, the company increased motorcycle prices by Rs7,400-30,000.

Amid the ongoing economic crisis, Pakistan’s automobile sector has been hit hard owing to problems with the opening of letters of credit, arising due to the rapidly depleting foreign exchange reserves and a weakening rupee.