Biden denies any wrongdoing regarding son's deals

Biden's son had received $1 million linked to a business agreement with a Romanian tycoon while Biden was managing relations with country

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Biden denies any wrongdoing regarding sons deals. AFP/File
Biden denies any wrongdoing regarding son's deals. AFP/File

Republicans in the House Oversight Committee accused President Joe Biden's family of having earned over $10 million through questionable business deals while he was vice president. 

The committee claimed that Biden's son, Hunter, had received $1 million linked to a business agreement with a Romanian tycoon while the former vice president was managing relations with the country. The deal was reportedly organised by Rob Walker, one of Hunter Biden's business partners.

Committee Republicans released a detailed report indicating that Walker began receiving funds from Gabriel Popoviciu, the Romanian tycoon, soon after Joe Biden welcomed Romanian President Klaus Iohannis to the White House in 2015. Popoviciu's company in Cyprus, Bladon Enterprises, paid Walker's private company more than $3 million from November 2015 to May 2017.

The Republicans claimed that after receiving money from Bladon, Walker's company deposited over $1 million into accounts belonging to Hunter Biden, Hallie Biden (Hunter's sister-in-law), and James Gilliar (another business partner of Hunter). The committee contended that this pattern mirrors that of a previous business deal that Hunter Biden and Walker had with a Chinese energy firm. 

After receiving money from that company in 2017, Walker paid more than $1 million to Gilliar and the Bidens, the Republicans said.

James Comer, the Oversight Committee Chair, alleged that the Romanian funds were part of over $10 million that Hunter Biden, his family, and business associates received from dealings with foreign entities in China, Ukraine, and other places during Joe Biden's vice presidency between 2009 and 2017. Comer held a press conference, saying, "Hunter Biden and his associates pursued business in countries that directly correlate with Joe Biden's work as vice president. This is not normal, and it is not ethical."

The Republicans failed to present any evidence that Joe Biden directly benefitted from or knew about the business deals and money transfers. However, they believed that he must have been aware of all the companies established by Hunter and his associates to conduct business. 

Republican Representative Byron Reynolds stated, "Nobody in this room can logically sit here and say that the president of the United States had no idea that these companies were being formed while he was vice president of the United States."

Biden has repeatedly rejected any wrongdoing regarding his son's dealings and defended Hunter's business tactics. "My son has done nothing wrong. I trust him. I have faith in him," he said last week.