Thursday, June 01, 2023
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WATCH: Jordan's pre-royal wedding party leaves world in awe

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The Crown Prince of Jordan Al Hussein bin Abdullah II is all set to formally tie the knot with Saudi citizen Rajwa Al-Said Thursday in a plush ceremony, a day after King Abdullah II hosted a sumptuous royal feast at the Royal Hashemite Court, attended by 4,000 people from across the country. 

Earlier this month, it was announced that the religious ceremony will take place at Zahran Palace in Amman, with the reception — to be attended by other heads of state — at Al-Husseiniya Palace.

In a video posted by an official handle of the Jordanian Royal Court, Crown Prince can be seen enjoying a pre-wedding celebration Wednesday with his friends and family members.

The pre-wedding celebrations were arranged by Crown Prince’s cousin Omar bin Faisal and were attended by the groom’s younger brother Prince Hashem, close relatives, and military people. They celebrated and danced to traditional Arabic songs.

The groom was wearing the traditional attire of a red Jordanian shemagh (headscarf), a thobe with the Bisht on top.

On Instagram, he thanked his relatives and friends for the “memorable pre-wedding bash.”

According to Al Mamlaka TV, the dinner was “preceded by various traditional performances including military acts. King Abdullah II addressed the crowds, welcoming them and wishing Prince Al Hussein happiness with the start of the new chapter of his life.”

King Abdullah afterwards presented the groom with a Hashemite sword with a Quranic verse engraved on it. The sword is reported to be a replica of the founding King Abdullah bin Al Hussein’s sword.

At the wedding, US first lady Jill Biden and several royals from around the world have confirmed that they will join, among them the king and queen of the Netherlands.

The royal wedding celebrations commenced last week with Queen Rania hosting a traditional henna party for the bride.

A concert to celebrate the occasion was held earlier this week and Thursday was declared a public holiday in Jordan, according to Jordanian media reports.