Sunday, June 04, 2023
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Eid ul Adha: Here is the cutest cow up for sale at Karachi's cattle market

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A collage showing the unique small cow named Bholi at Karachi cattle market. — Times of Karachi
A collage showing the unique small cow named "Bholi" at Karachi cattle market. — Times of Karachi 

Karachi cow mandi is said to be the biggest cattle market in the country and like every year, it showcases some of the most unique animals brought for sale there for sacrifice on the occasion of Eid ul Adha.

Usually, the sacrificial animals that garner traction are exceptionally healthy and beautiful. However, this time it is a pretty cow that caught visitors' attention at the Northern Bypass Cattle Market in Karachi — the  new Maweshi mandi as it had been shifted from Sohrab Goth along Superhighway

This cow from a special group of species is neither extraordinarily big nor heavy, but it is extremely cute and adorable. And it is for all the right reasons that the cow's owner has set its price very high.

The cow, named "Bholi" [naive], is up for sale at Rs10 million.

"I have come from Sohrab Goth [a sub-urban area in Karachi] and brought this cow from Afghanistan," Hashim Khan, the owner said.

He also said that the special thing about "Bholi" is that another of its kind is not available to pair with it because "it is one in a million".

"I can bet that no animal like this could be found in the entire mandi," he added.

The owner went on to say that people have bid Rs2 million to Rs3.5 million but the lucky one will take it home as he can lower the price to Rs8 million to 8.5 million.