Masood Khan seeks sister state-province agreement with Texas

Pakistan's Ambassador to US says agreement will help tap existing potential, increase people-to-people linkages

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Texas House of Representatives member Salman Bhojani (Left) with Masood Khan at the Pakistan Embassy in US, Washington on June 8, 2023. — Twitter/@Masood__Khan
Texas House of Representatives member Salman Bhojani (Left) with Masood Khan at the Pakistan Embassy in US, Washington on June 8, 2023. — Twitter/@Masood__Khan

  • Khan appreciates sister-state relationship between Georgia, Sindh.
  • Pakistani students could visit US to learn from experts, Khan hopes.
  • "Must strive to unite people for larger goals," Bhojani says.

WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan said Thursday that a sister state-province agreement between Texas and one of Pakistan’s provinces would prove “instrumental” in tapping the existing potential of trade and commerce and promoting people-to-people exchanges.

“Tech, oil and gas and other sectors provided a solid base to forge robust business linkages and bring our people closer to each other,” he said during a meeting with Texas House of Representatives member Salman Bhojani at the Embassy in Washington.

Discussing possible sister-state agreements with Texas, Ambassador Khan appreciated the services of state representative Farooq Mughal for the sister-state relationship between the State of Georgia and the Province of Sindh.

Furthermore, he lauded Bhojani for successfully introducing a resolution on Pakistan Day to highlight the close cooperative relationship between Pakistan and Texas in trade, energy, education and cultural exchanges in the Texas Assemble.

Bhojani said that he would take a delegation comprising lawmakers, corporate executives, officials of the chamber of commerce and industry to promote commerce and investment between Pakistan and Texas.

As an avid hiker, he thought Pakistan was an ideal destination for adventure and eco-tourism in the north of the country. He said that he would lead teams to the region to explore the natural beauty of the country.

During the meeting, Khan also congratulated Bhojani on being elected to the Texas Assembly, observing that the latter’s achievements and his work were making the entire community proud.

Discussing his priorities, Bhojani said that he was working to bring the communities together, adding that he considered all Muslims and Pakistanis living in Texas as his constituents and was focused on promoting love and compassion among them.

“We must strive to unite people for larger goals and for service to humanity,” he said.

Expressing satisfaction over the increasing number of Pak-American parliamentarians at the state as well as the federal level, Ambassador Khan observed that the elected representatives could play a huge role in encouraging Pakistani Americans to invest in Pakistan.

They can also facilitate Pakistani students in visiting the US and learning from US expertise in advanced disciplines.

“The community is a big asset that can play a significant role in not only promoting goodwill between the two countries but also enhancing trade and investment,” the ambassador said.