Twist in Sandal Khattak-Hareem Shah video leaks case

Special Judge Central Islamabad awards bail to the TikToker

Arfa Feroz Zake
Famous TikTokers Sandal Khattak (left) and Hareem Shah. — Twitter/File
Famous TikTokers Sandal Khattak (left) and Hareem Shah. — Twitter/File

ISLAMABAD: A court in the federal capital has been informed that famous TikToker Sandal Khattak filmed her former friend, TikToker Hareem Shah, with her consent.

Special Judge Central Islamabad heard Khattak's plea seeking post-arrest bail as she was put behind bars in the Shah video leak case. After hearing the arguments, the judge granted her bail.

The statement the suspect made on Tuesday contradicted what she said during a previous hearing, wherein she claimed not to have filmed Shah's videos.

During the Tuesday hearing, Khattak's lawyer said her client was not issued a notice before two cases were lodged against her. "Hareem Shah got two FIRs — in Lahore and Peshawar — registered against Sandal Khattak."

The lawyer mentioned that Khattak was live streaming and did not upload recorded videos on social platforms.

"No evidence was obtained from Sandal Khattak's mobile phone. Also, TikTok's laws do not allow uploading illicit videos."

He further stated that when Shah was being filmed, she was laughing; therefore, videos were shot with her consent.

The lawyer said the authorities could not find anything against his client while she was in custody, and she isn't needed for further interrogation.

He added that despite his phone being taken into custody, Shah's cell phone was not secured.

Following the arguments, the judge granted Khattak bail as she was arrested recently after her bail plea was dismissed.