Clove supplements: Unveiling health wonders from kitchen to wellness

Cloves have been proven helpful in fighting infections and maintaining blood sugar levels

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A representational image of cloves—Twitter.file
A representational image of cloves—Twitter.file

Clove supplements, derived from the buds of the Syzygium aromaticum tree native to Indonesia's Maluku islands and recognised for their unique combination of sweetness and bitterness, have found their niche not only in kitchens but also in traditional healing practices.

Today, they're gaining traction as dietary supplements due to their rich composition of beneficial plant compounds.

Clove supplements: Culinary and medicinal revelation

Hailing from the lush landscapes of Indonesia's Maluku islands, clove supplements have secured their place not only in gastronomy but also in traditional therapies due to their distinctive blend of sweet and bitter flavours. 

As the benefits of these supplements continue to unfold, their popularity is on the rise, heralded by a remarkable composition of advantageous plant compounds.

Origins and potential

The genesis of clove supplements traces back to the thriving Syzygium aromaticum tree of the Maluku islands. While steeped in tradition, modern studies have illuminated their potential as dietary enhancements, thanks to their robust anti-inflammatory and antioxidant attributes. Central to these effects are key compounds like eugenol, renowned for its multifaceted qualities including anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and pain-alleviating attributes.

Combating infections

Historically cherished for their healing prowess, cloves have garnered contemporary acknowledgement for their prowess against infections. Ongoing research underscores their antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory strengths. 

In the face of adversaries like Candida yeast, Aspergillus fungus, and pneumonia-triggering bacteria, products derived from cloves demonstrate robust efficacy. A prime example is clove-infused mouthwash, a pivotal defence against pneumonia in critical care scenarios.

Maintaining blood sugar levels

Emerging evidence suggests that clove extracts may contribute to the management of blood sugar levels, showing promise for those with prediabetes and beyond. A modest study revealed a decrease in post-meal blood sugar levels with clove supplementation. Further exploration is warranted to decipher the intricate mechanisms underlying this effect, particularly its interplay with liver glucose production.

A cautionary approach

As interest surges around clove supplements, prudent consumption remains paramount. Available in capsule and liquid forms, these supplements offer an array of compositions encompassing ground cloves, extracts, and herbal combinations. A crucial step in this journey involves meticulous scrutiny of labels to identify potential allergens. While dosing recommendations are somewhat limited, esteemed organisations like the World Health Organisation offer valuable insights.

In the pursuit of clove supplement benefits, a balanced and informed approach is pivotal, encouraging consultation with healthcare professionals for a wellness-centric experience.