Saturday, September 09, 2023
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WATCH: Morocco earthquake violently shakes 12th century Kutubiyya mosque's minaret

Morocco earthquake seriously damaged Kutubiyya mosque located in the Medina neighbourhood of Marrakesh

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A strong earthquake that struck Marrakesh, Morocco, on Friday night severely damaged the construction of the well-known Kutubiyya Mosque as people rushed to save their lives.

Videos posted to social media showed the mosque's structure trembling.

The famous Kutubiyya Mosque dates back to the 12th century and is one of the city's most well-known landmarks.

Morocco was shaken by a severe earthquake that claimed the lives of over 800 people. The 6.8-magnitude tremor was followed by "unbearable" screaming, according to terrified Marrakesh locals.

Reports said that Kutubiya Mosque suffered damage, but the extent was not immediately clear. Its 69-meter (226-foot) minaret is known as the “roof of Marrakesh.”

The locals also shared videos of the damaged portions of the well-known red walls that encircle Marrakesh's old city, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The mosque is located in the Medina neighbourhood of Marrakesh, which was established in 1070–1072 by the Almoravids. For a very long time, the city remained a major political, economic, and cultural hub.

From North Africa to Andalusia, the Western Muslim world was affected by it. The Kasbah, the battlements, the enormous entrances, and the gardens are just a few of the striking historical structures still standing in the city today.