Prince Harry called out for hostile attitude

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Prince Harry is unpredictable and hostile
Prince Harry is unpredictable and hostile

The Duke of Sussex has just found himself branded unpredictable and hostile for the timing of his statement.

Royal Family commentator Richard Fitzwilliams issued all these claims.

He broke all of it down in a candid piece for the Daily Express US and started by bashing the couple’s timing for statement.

According to Mr Fitzwilliam’s, the decision to bash the invite news was ‘poorly timed’ and due to that "it could certainly take years for a reconciliation to happen between the Sussexes and the Royal Family.”

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He also posed the question, “Who would trust Harry and Meghan, especially after their timing releasing the news about not hearing anything about an invite to King Charles' 75th birthday celebrations on the day of the King's first speech opening Parliament as Monarch?”

“That type of move is deeply resented by the Royal Family and courtiers.”

During the course of that chat, Mr Fitzwilliams also branded Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “unpredictable” as well as “hostile”.

Later on he also went on to add, "I really don’t think Harry cares about not being invited to his father’s 75th. The rift runs deep. The Sussexes reportedly still want an apology from the Royal Family.”

In light of this, “What the future holds is uncertain. It is not a pleasant prospect for King Charles to deal with.”

“He did end the tenure of the Sussexes on Frogmore after Harry’s memoir Spare was released, which was an important step, but he is dealing with a couple who are both unpredictable and hostile,” Mr Fitzwilliams added before singing off from the conversation.