Internet reacts to Florence Pugh's viral object hit moment

Fans blast the behaviour of the crowd after someone threw an object at Florence Pugh

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Internet reacts to Florence Pughs viral object hit moment
Internet reacts to Florence Pugh's viral object hit moment

Fans are fuming online after a flying object hit Florence Pugh as she was promoting the Dune: Part 2 in Brazil.

Appearing at the Comic-con event in São Paulo, Brazil, the Marvel star was on stage with her co-stars - at the moment - the 27-year-old was struck by a thrown object in the face.

Meanwhile, the clip went viral online, leading many netizens to call out the disrespectful behaviour.

"true sign of a society in moral decline," one fan fumed.

Another added, "disgusting" to witness, while others are going to bat for Pugh, as one person declared that whoever threw that object needed to "count ur days."

"Throwing trash is one thing. Throwing it at Florence Pugh? You've made an enemy for life," a third added.

From Harry Styles to Drake, the artists globally face rowdy fans throwing objects onstage.

Nonetheless, Florence opened up about her experience while shooting the forthcoming Dune: Part Two before the throwing object incident.

"This is truly so thrilling, like, this is absolutely nuts," she continued. "What was it like [to work on the movie]? As amazing as you can imagine it was. The world had already been created."

Adding, "The actors were already there. It felt like we had been given this gift of being able to be on set with these amazing people, and it truly was a pinch me moment every single day."