Saturday, December 09, 2023

Britney Spears reconciles with mom, shuns ‘unforgivable' dad

Britney Spears is 'happy' to be making amends with her mother whereas refuses to speak with Jamie Spears

Britney Spears reconciles with mom, shuns ‘unforgivable’ dad
Britney Spears reconciles with mom, shuns ‘unforgivable’ dad

Britney Spears has decided to give her mother Lynne Spears another chance.

An insider privy to US Weekly stated, “Britney is really happy with where things seem to be headed with her mom."

The Princess of Pop is taking baby steps towards reconciliation by celebrating the holidays with her and brother Bryan Spears.

While the duo has a lot to work through, the source claimed, “The door for communication has been opened, and they’ve been in contact very often lately."

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Earlier this year, Britney revealed her decision to make amends with her, “My sweet mama showed up at my door yesterday after 3 years … it’s been such a long time. With family there’s always things that need to be worked out … but time heals all wounds!!!” she wrote in an Instagram caption, in May.

However, that didn't stop her from slamming Lynne in her memoir The Woman In Me, released in October, for how she treated her during the infamous conservatorship which lasted 13 years.

On the other hand, Britney is set on never speaking to her estranged father Jamie Spears ever again.

“There is no chance, ever, that Britney will reconcile with her dad. He hurt her in ways not imaginable and, regardless of what happens to his health, she will never forgive the man, dead or alive,” an insider told Daily Mail.